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Who Knew You Could Use Your Car Port For These 3 Activities?

Do you have different rooms around your home that you use for multiple activities? Sure you do. Think about it; you have a dining room where your kids probably do homework and a kitchen where you probably watch TV. All the rooms in your home are meant to be used for multiple purposes, and you should think of your car storage area the same way. While you may think that it is only for the vehicle, think again. What happens when the vehicle is out in the driveway? Or in use at the store? You have an entirely free space crying out to be used.

If you have never thought about using this space for anything but home and car storage, you should think again. This space outside of your house is sometimes large enough for activities that you can’t normally do inside, or that would make a mess if you were to do it inside. If you ensure that you have a protective floor coating for your home in Jacksonville in this space, you will feel even more comfortable doing the following three activities.

Working Out

If you have not been able to go to the gym lately, why not turn your car storage area into your own personal workout oasis? Work out equipment tends to be extensive and intrusive and does not look like it belongs in your home. However, when you put it in this space, you will keep the inside clear and the heavy equipment, that can sometimes be dangerous to kids, outside. If you make sure to put down a garage floor coating in Jacksonville first before making the home gym, you will ensure they are defended should you drop any weights.

Once this is done, you can start to create your set up. You might want to buy a bench press, maybe a treadmill or elliptical, as well as some free weights. You can make an area to put down some yoga mats as well for stretching. To take it a step further, why not install a surround sound audio system so that you have music to keep you motivated? As these rooms are still connected to your home’s power, sheltered from the elements, and private, they make the perfect place to construct a gym. Should you need to use the space to store your vehicle, you can move things off to the side or designate a spot in your shed to store the equipment when the cars are taking up space.


On the other hand, if you are not a fitness buff, you might want to use the space for something more creative, like crafting. Have you ever noticed that there is always a huge mess left behind any time you or your kids craft at home? There will be glue sticks, paint, paper, and trinkets of all kinds slowly getting everywhere. You will want to contain this mess in an area that is not in your immediate living space. The vehicle storage area is ideal for crafting because it is large enough to set up a big crafting table with multiple stools. You can still have power for all your hot glue guns, sewing machines, and other electric crafting contraptions.

As kids can be loud when they’re crafting, and sometimes, you want some peace and quiet, you can set up a nice workstation for them. This way, they will be tucked away but still close to home, enjoying their activity while you enjoy your time inside. If you have ceramic coatings in Jacksonville installed, you can ensure that the space doesn’t feel too industrial. Depending on how often your children craft, you could easily have a table that folds up tucked away to the side when you need to store your vehicle. Otherwise, let the crafting happen all the time.

Karaoke & Music

Do you have family members who love to use the karaoke machine or sing at the top of their lungs? While you want to foster their skills, you also don’t want your eardrums to rupture. If you designate the car storage areas for karaoke and all other singing and musical activities, you will keep the noise within your home to a minimum. Outside, your kids can do what they like and make as much noise as kids should. If they do this inside, you will become increasingly frustrated, and you will soon find that you are arguing with your kids.

By giving them their own space where they can let loose and not worry about upsetting you, you will be making your relationship stronger and their musical talents stronger. So why not set up a keyboard, a drum set, and a couple of microphones so that they can start a band? At the end of each week, you can go out and see what they are working on. Maybe, once they are good enough, you can consider bringing them back indoors. Ensure that you inform the neighbors that there will be a band crashing at your place, so they are warned about any possible noise.

Who knew this space was so versatile? You can use it as your private gym, a crafting area, or a music rehearsal hall. As the space should be used for more than just storing your vehicle, you should make sure that it is always in excellent condition. You don’t want there to be oil stains or faulty lighting, so invest in having the flooring refinished and maybe install some new overhead lights. Over time you will create a space that is an extension of your interior, only more private.

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