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Easy Ways to Soundproof Your House for Baby

Congratulations on your new baby! One of the most exciting parts of getting ready for your new arrival is preparing the nursery. But for many parents, it can also be the most nerve-wracking. This is the first time that your child will be exposed to the outside world, and it’s your task to make sure they have a safe and comfortable place to land. It can be overwhelming to explore all the options for nursery design, from cribs to changing tables to what kind of art to hang on the walls. A great first step is to figure out soundproofing.

It’s important to remember amidst all the baby preparations that you yourself are about to undergo a major life change, too. Any changes you make for the baby should also be changes that work for you. Don’t make the classic first-time parent mistake and rearrange your entire life just for your new baby. It’s not sustainable and will lead to more disappointment than success. Find solutions that work for everyone in your household, like ceramic coatings in Jacksonville, and baby will get the hang of it soon enough.

Here are some easy ways to start soundproofing your house for babies.

Soft Furnishings in the Nursery

The best way to soundproof your house for babies is to locate the nursery as far away from high-traffic areas as possible. Of course, make sure you’ll still be able to hear them cry. There are some amazing video and audio baby monitors on the market that can help give you peace of mind while your baby sleeps alone. It’s important to do your best to go about life as usual after the baby arrives. For the first few weeks, do all the sweet and slow bonding that every baby needs. But then, don’t cave into the temptation to keep the house stone silent just to get them to sleep. Babies are quick to adjust to new situations if you give them a chance. The first day or two might be hard, but babies can definitely learn to sleep through footsteps in the hallway and running water in the kitchen.

Another great tactic is to fill the nursery with soft furnishings and carpeting. Some parents even hang foam or a blanket over the baby’s door. Soundproof art panels are a creative way to make noise protection cute. Carpeting is not only great for muffling noise, but it’s helpful for little ones learning to walk (less bruised knees!). Throw in some plush pillows, a toddler-sized reading chair, a parent-sized armchair, and a set of sound-blocking curtains, and it can make a big difference in muffling sound.

Noises from Overhead

Planes and thunderstorms can easily startle a sleeping baby. No amount of carpeting is able to prevent those intrusive sounds from waking your little one, especially if you live near the airport or on a flight path. Some parents try to take the opposite approach, using white noise machines or fans to control the sound environment for sensitive babies. But this can backfire for several reasons. Firstly, it trains children to rely on white noise in order to fall asleep. This can actually make them even more sensitive to disruptive noises. Secondly, reliance on a white noise machine can make it impossible to get little ones to sleep if for some reason you don’t have access to their regular machine (for instance, if you’re traveling or it breaks down).

One great solution to this is roofing coating in Jacksonville. You may have never heard of it, but exterior ceramic coating is Jacksonville Florida’s best solution to quieting noises from the outside world. The application process is quite simple. Most products are spray and dry, meaning that you can complete the process in a single day if it’s sunny out. Stop those noisy overhead disturbances in their tracks.

Don’t Forget the Garage!

When most parents start to soundproof in preparation for a new baby, they tend to make a common mistake. They forget about reducing noise coming from everywhere else. It’s important not to inconvenience the rest of the household when it’s time for the baby to sleep. Parents have lives, after all, and older children can’t always contain their energy. Instead, look for ways to soundproof other parts of your house so that regular activities can continue while the baby sleeps peacefully. For instance, there’s a solution that allows you to bang around in the garage during naptime or practice the drums in the basement.

Get ceramic coatings in Jacksonville to help muffle the noise. This results in a hard finish over the existing flooring, with an easy to clean and slightly textured feel. Before the baby comes, call up a company that does ceramic painting in Jacksonville, FL, and get your garage and basement done. Not only will this help newborn sleep, but it will help you nail life as a new parent with plenty of options for blowing off steam.

Seal Up Windows

Windows with worn-out seals can let in a lot of outside noise, not to mention moisture and bugs. Finish off your soundproofing with new seals on the nursery windows. Plus, well-sealed windows can help contain sounds as well. You don’t want your neighbors complaining about the baby’s crying all night. If you want to really go the extra mile, look into double glazing your windows. This can also help cut your heating bills in half.

A good soundproofing set up can help give parents and babies the best start in life. Sleep training is an important if challenging time in the life of a little one. Remember to reach out if you start to feel anxious or frustrated. These are normal experiences in the life of every new parent! Don’t aim for perfection. Instead, aim for a safe and loving atmosphere and everything will work out. We promise, your baby won’t notice the bags under your eyes. Good luck!

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