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4 Benefits of Epoxy Floors

If you have had the chance to see epoxy floors, then you have witnessed the desirable effects which are both visually appealing and durable. You may feel that the flooring where your vehicle is kept does not give off the same effect. While you may not have previously noticed the flooring in any of your garages, once you spot some of its marks, it will be hard to forget. After seeing how stunning epoxy floors can be and how they can hide these marks, you will want to make the switch. Epoxy is a protective floor coating that you can use at home in Jacksonville. It is a great solution for an area that suffers from water and oil damage as it provides a strong barrier while being clean and odorless.

Commonly seen on concrete surfaces, epoxy protects floors from falling objects and is very pleasing to look at. The garages of your home are most likely where you store a lot of your unused belongings and children’s toys. Many people use these areas to keep sporting equipment such as bicycles and skateboards. If you are like most people, then you will keep your car here as well. Having a surface for your car to sit on that stands the test of time will ease anxiety about damaging the floorings. This article will outline four of the benefits of epoxy flooring and why you should implement it in your home.

Covers Defects

For heightened design and sleek eye lines, epoxy provides the perfect solution for unsightly areas. The different finishes of epoxy can make your space look brand new. If you have nice overhead lights, then the flooring will reflect it beautifully. In some cases, you may get to choose a color to add to the epoxy, which makes it a great masking tool. Over time, your vehicle storage area can suffer damage from falling items, car oil, and changes in temperature. This can often leave large cracks and stains. By adding a layer of epoxy, you can hide the stains. Just like color, you may have the option of adding in a material such as mica or quartz. This can create a speckled appearance that hides marks and offers a better grip.


If you are a new homeowner or trying to start a family, then you want to make sure you aren’t spending where you don’t need to. Adding a garage floor coating in Jacksonville will save you money in the long-term. It can be overly expensive to have the concrete flooring ripped out in garages, and replacing it just adds more costs. The magic of epoxy is that it can be used on top of any surface. Its simple finish is an effective way to heighten the look, feel, and performance of your flooring without breaking the bank. Depending on the size and location, you may need to add several coats of epoxy, but even this will be less money than a total flooring renovation. It can be helpful if you enlist the help of a professional, they will have experience with the epoxy and know how to spread it evenly. The last thing you want is to waste money by buying more epoxy than you need.


Whether you are looking to add a flooring finish to your basement, laundry room, or vehicle area, epoxy presents an array of benefits for every room. Any space that experiences a high amount of traffic from pets, children, or vehicles will require proper care. A layer of epoxy assures that the flooring can withstand the harshness of continuous wear. One of the main features of epoxy is its resistance to shock. When you drop something on an epoxy coated surface, you do not have to worry about marking it. It can also decrease the chances of you breaking the fallen item. A bit of shock resistance can go a long way when dealing with expensive and fragile objects.

After you have had a layer of epoxy added to an area, you will have to wait for it to dry before it becomes usable. Upon its drying, the epoxy will be able to withstand great amounts of heat. In some cases, minerals can be added to the epoxy to make it more heat resistant. For climates that are warm all year long, the heat can take a toll on the flooring. The expansion and retraction that happens due to changes in temperature can cause concrete flooring to crack. Epoxy will not do this. It is flexible and adaptable and will stay strong even when exposed to high fluctuations.

In addition to heat, epoxy can stand up to harsh chemicals. Your vehicle may be excreting harsh chemicals, including oil and gasoline, and these seep into the flooring and cause damage. With epoxy, you can easily wipe away these messes.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning concrete flooring can be a pain. It usually suffers from permanent stains that can be annoying to look at, not to mention the smell. If oil and gasoline build up in the concrete, the fumes can be dangerous. Having flooring that is easy to maintain will prevent the inhalation of toxic chemicals. Unlike concrete, you can easily sweep away dirt and hose down epoxy, making cleaning simple and effective. A mix of soap and water can keep epoxy looking clean while preserving shine. Usually, a company that sells ceramic coatings will also provide you information about epoxy in Jacksonville.

Keeping your home’s appeal and safety should be of top priority to you. By continuously taking measures to enhance its durability by using protecting substances, you prevent further issues from arising. Rather than opting for an expensive flooring replacement, you can look to epoxy for an effective solution that is both budget-friendly and high-performing.

If you find yourself looking for a flooring solution for those heavy traffic areas, invest in epoxy, it will keep your surfaces protected, clean, and looking fresh.

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