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Should You Use Ceramic Paint for Your Home?

When choosing the right paint for your home exterior, your decision is about more than just color. You need a durable paint type that can resist local weather conditions and will not peel or crack as time goes by while improving your home’s energy efficiency. While this is a tall order to fill, the latest innovations in home paint formulas pose a lot of promise.

Ceramic paint is a type of paint with ceramic microbeads blended into the pigment. In other words, you can give your home an eco-friendly ceramic coating that lasts for two-plus decades with significant improvements in beauty, durability, and efficiency compared to traditional house paint.

Today, we’re diving into ceramic paint’s pros, cons, and unique qualities for the interior and exterior of your home.

How to Choose the Right Ceramic Paint for Your Home

Ceramic paint comes in a variety of brands and formulas. You will want a multi-layer application starting with a specialized primer for a home’s exterior. Silver-infused ceramic paint can help fight off mold and bacteria in humid areas, while homes looking to improve interior efficiency may be looking for ceramic interior paint.

Choosing the best ceramic paint for your home depends on the area you are painting (exterior vs. interior), the local risk conditions for a house (moisture or mold), and of course, your choice of elegant home colors.

Exterior Paint Pros and Cons: Ceramic vs. Latex

Latex paint is the traditional choice for home exteriors. So, how does ceramic paint match up to latex exterior paint?


  • Long-Lasting: Ceramic paint comes with a 25-year warranty against chipping, cracking, and peeling. It is often marketed as the last exterior paint your house will ever need.
  • Energy-Efficient: Ceramic paint was designed to reflect up to 90% of the sun’s rays, keeping that heat out of your house when you don’t want it.
  • Durable in All Weather: Ceramic paint’s flexible base makes it highly resistant to moisture and ideal for coastal homes facing constant sea spray in the air. Silver-infused ceramic paint is also naturally antimicrobial.
  • Low-VOCs: Ceramic paint is less toxic than latex, at less than half the VOCs of traditional latex paint formulas.
  • Paint Any Surface with Primer: Using the proper ceramic paint primer, you can cover almost any surface of your home – unlike latex which does not apply well to metal and can swell the wood.
  • Noise Reduction: Ceramic paint is even helpful in reducing the amount of road noise that gets into the home. Ceramic interior paint can reduce noise travel between rooms.


  • Higher Cost: Ceramic paint is typically more costly than latex home paint, but the high durability makes this a difference in up-front rather than long-term cost.
  • Long-Term: Ceramic paint is designed to last, but a professional should ONLY do touch-ups.

Best for Protection: Ceramic Coating

Ceramic paint coating for homes dries more thickly than normal house paint, which provides a more durable ceramic shell around your home. This shell protects your home from UV rays, moisture, and even road noise to a superior degree compared to latex paint. Because of the way it bonds, it also protects the materials it is painted on better than latex which can damage the materials below.

Best for Mixed-Material Homes: Ceramic Coating

Latex paint does not handle mixed materials well − in contrast, ceramic paint does. With the right primer, ceramic paint is excellent at bonding to nearly any surface. For this reason, ceramic paint is ideal not only for your home’s siding but for decks, plastic, metal trim, poles, and rooftops as well.

Best for Longevity: Ceramic Paint

We don’t offer a 25-year warranty on products unless they are built to last. Ceramic paint is the most durable exterior house paint on the market. In addition to its other qualities, the ceramic formula makes it possible to form a shell that will not crack, flake, or peel. The flexible formula is impact-resistant – so if a tree hits your home during storm season, the paint won’t crack.

Choose your color carefully − it will still be there two decades later.

Getting ready to paint a homeDon’t Forget the Primer!

When using ceramic paint, the primer is essential. Our adhesive primer not only makes any surface ready to permanently bond with the ceramic coating but also seals and prepares the item. Wood and drywall experience part of their efficiency upgrades from the primer itself, ensuring that your ceramic paint cures to last.

Choose the Top Brand of Ceramic Paint & Primer, Rhino Shield

Are you looking for a premium, environmentally friendly painting solution for your home? Ceramic coating is the leading option for eco-friendly, energy-efficient, high-performing home painting.

Rhino Shield is the leading ceramic paint option for the interior and exterior of your home, in addition to primer and accessories.

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Image Source: Shutterstock/Dean Drobot/Sergey Nivens

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