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Eliminate and Prevent Stucco Wall Mold

Stucco is a building material composed of cement, sand, and lime, and it is known for its adaptability, durability, and affordability. When mold develops on stucco surfaces, however, it can cause significant problems, especially if it grows between the outer stucco and your buildings’ framing.

There are various ways to keep mold from growing on stucco surfaces. You should ensure that water cannot pool along the base of the walls or run down them due to incorrectly fitted or leaking gutters. You can also wash your exterior walls with diluted liquid soap and then rinse with a pressure washer to eliminate the dust, dirt, and stray plant matter that feeds the mold. For more methods to prevent mold buildup on stucco, let Rhino Shield provide their expertise.


Mold on stucco surfaces appears similarly to mold on other surfaces. It can be green or dark brown, and it can have black spots, streaks, or stains with a fuzzy texture. Examine the areas surrounding your gutters, windows, doors, and the base of your walls. Mold flourishes in moist regions where there is an abundance of plant matter to feed on, so look carefully around and behind any nearby shrubs, flowers, and trees growing near your building.


Using a stiff-bristled brush, remove any dirt and debris on your stucco surface. Verify that there are no significant fractures or large tears in your stucco. If there are deep cracks, you will need a professional to inspect your external walls to ensure no mold has grown between the stucco and the framing.

Create a solution consisting of five parts water and one part oxygen bleach. Bleach containing chlorine is also effective, but it can harm surrounding plants. Protect your hands and arms with rubber gloves and long sleeves, then spray the mold with bleach. Use a sponge to remove the mold, and thoroughly rinse the area with clean water. A pressure washer can be used, although a garden hose will also suffice.


Removing mold on exterior stucco surfaces can be challenging; that’s why you need an exterior coating that lasts to prevent mold from growing on stucco. Rhino Shield products are designed to protect North Florida residential and commercial structures from harsh weather conditions. Our exterior coatings help in the following ways:

  • Prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and algae
  • Provide waterproofing for your home or structure
  • Unlike any other ceramic coating, they resist salt air deterioration
  • Offer superior wind resistance

Numerous advantages distinguish Rhino Shield paint from conventional latex paint. Our special exterior coating provides a layer eight to 10 times thicker than latex paint, which prevents favorable conditions like dampness for mold growth.

Rhino Shield products are unquestionably cost-effective. Our waterproof, salt-resistant finish does not peel or flake, unlike latex paint, which can lead to mold growth. It’s simple to see why Rhino Shield has become the favored choice for exterior stucco surfaces, as our products outperform conventional paint solutions in practically every way!


Mold on stucco walls is unsightly and can cause structural damage if it penetrates between the outer stucco and the structure of your home. You can prevent mold from growing on your exterior stucco by ensuring water doesn’t pool on the walls’ base or by using bleach. If the mold on your stucco returns despite your best efforts to prevent its growth or is concentrated in cracks, it is time to call in a professional.

Rhino Shield in North Florida is a ceramic coating company and a renowned industry leader in premium ceramic coating. Our products can be found safeguarding walls from elements that can create a conducive environment for mold to grow.

Contact us today, and let us help protect your stucco surfaces from mold.

Image Source: Umar Bisa/Shutterstock

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