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The Perks of Professionally Replacing Your Floors

When your floors begin to show signs of wear and tear, it’s tempting to hop on YouTube, watch some tutorials, and get to work replacing your floors yourself. While this can seem like a cost-saving measure compared to having your floors professionally, more often than not you end up paying more doing it yourself–financially and otherwise.

For example, just think about the amount of labor that goes into replacing your floors; it’s not exactly a “done in an afternoon” type of job. You also have to consider the consequences of using cheap store-bought epoxy and other materials, which, other than leaving a terrible smell, will likely need to be replaced earlier than you would like to think.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s often better to opt for a professional when it comes to replacing your floors. You can learn the other perks of using a professional below.

Less Labor Intensive

There are a number of different ways to “replace” your floors. For example, you can do a complete overhaul, which requires you to rip up the existing floors, put in completely new flooring, and put on a finishing coat afterward. This type of replacement is incredibly labor-intensive and requires extensive knowledge of construction. Without such knowledge, you risk seriously injuring yourself in the process.

Another type of replacement is to visit any store offering protective floor coating in Jacksonville and simply apply a new finish to your floor without any construction. This may be the easier of the two options, but it still requires you to remove heavy belongings (furniture, dressers, etc.) and equally apply the finish to every inch of your floor.

Even this is no easy feat, especially if you purchase garage floor coating in Jacksonville. If you thought moving your furniture was hard, try moving your toolboxes, shelves, and heavy machinery (and moving them back after you’re finished).

When you enlist the help of professionals, you don’t have to worry about being responsible for any of this labor.


When you opt for store-bought replacement materials with the intention of replacing your floors yourself, there’s a very higher chance that you’ll be required to apply multiple coatings. Applying one layer of finish properly is a long enough process, let alone applying multiple layers. This doesn’t even include waiting for each layer to finish drying.

A professional replacement can be completed far more quickly. This is because professional teams consist of multiple people and use higher-grade replacement materials that often only require a single application.

Longer Lasting

There’s a reason why store-bought replacement materials are so cheap–they often consist of very low-quality materials that aren’t made to last. In this sense, these types of materials make companies money by only lasting a short period of time and requiring you to replace your floors time and time again.

In hiring a professional team to replace your floors, you often benefit from much longer-lasting materials that don’t need to be replaced as often (or ever). Higher-quality materials are particularly important in places like Florida, where the humid climate can wreak havoc on the materials inside your home. If there’s one place you want to properly replace if you live in places like these, it’s your bathroom.

Because your bathroom has to endure both the natural mugginess of the climate and the moisture from daily showering, it’s best to opt for professional ceramic coatings in Jacksonville instead of cheaper, store-bought materials.

No Lingering Smell

If you’ve ever purchased a cheap toy from the dollar store, you know that it comes with a weird chemical smell. This smell is largely the byproduct of the toy’s cheap production, and this same idea applies to cheap replacement materials for your floors.

One major downside to replacing your floors with cheaper materials is that you’re left with a terrible chemical smell afterward. This smell can take weeks, if not months to fully disappear. This is bad enough in general, but during a time where many of us are confined to our homes, the idea of a lasting chemical smell is even less tolerable.

With a professional replacement, you don’t have to worry about this type of smell thanks to higher-grade materials. If you need further convincing, you can also look to customer reviews for any professional replacement companies you’re considering. These reviews can let you know if you can expect any type of smell afterward.

More Sustainable Materials

If you’re worried about the impact that your replacement will have on the environment, then you’d do well to avoid materials from big-box stores. Whether you’re in the market for just a finishing layer or a complete overhaul of your floors, there are plenty of companies that implement sustainable practices to be able to offer such materials. Finding these companies is very easy, as the ones that do implement sustainable practices usually plainly state as such on their websites.

In general, these types of companies prioritize locally-sourced materials, meaning that they only use materials from around your area. This means that they don’t have to source materials from some far off place, transport those materials back to your area, and emit harmful emissions in the process.


The next time you think about replacing the floors in your home, take some time to think about whether doing so yourself is truly the best option. Are you knowledgeable enough about construction? Do you mind cheaper replacement materials leaving a terrible smell in your home? Are you prepared to have to replace your floors again in the near future?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then you’re likely better off hiring a professional team to replace your floors for you. After all, there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through the job and realizing you’re in over your head, or finishing the replacement and being unsatisfied with the end result.

Professionals will eliminate any tough manual labor from your plate, complete the job more quickly, leave you with a higher-quality product, and leave less of an impact on the environment.

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